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Contact details are available for all of the following reference. Please mail references@devon-it.co.uk for this information.

Applegate Directory Ltd

Perl programming, Unix scripting and systems administation.

"We have used the services of Steve Marvell on a number of occasions and found him to be an asset to our company and have no hesitation in recommending him to you."

- Andrew Tweedie - Director

Greenwich Realtime Ltd

Credit Card Fraud Detection software, systems administration and security.

"During the period that Steve Marvell worked for Greenwich Real Time Ltd I was very impressed by his technical knowledge and his ability to bring this to bear on a wide variety of problems. Aswell as being technically astute he is also undoubtedly very inventive and clever. He made an invaluable contribution to the project he was working on for us and I am confident that he would be able to make a significant contribution to any project he turned his mind to."

- John McKay - Director

North Devon Festival

Functional website, five years running.

"In December 2002 Steve was tasked to invigorate the North Devon Festival Website. Previous to this we had used a number of website designers and providers, but were dissatisfied with the results. The site at this stage was very pedestrian, sluggish and not in tune with search engines.

"Steve's thorough and analytical approach to the task has led to the development of a far more interactive and user friendly site. Our design brief was quite complex and I was impressed with Steve's ability to provide easily understood, inspiring and ultimately effective solutions."

- Alan Dodd - Cultural Development Manager (North Devon Festival Co-ordinator)

AnneryKiln Web Design

Web Programming, software architecture and systems administration.

"As a web designer concentrating on the look and feel of a web site, it is important to me that the background programming for the web site does not get in the way of the design requirements set by either us or by our clients.

"It is for this reason that we work with Devon IT. Devon IT analyses the requirements and always takes a positive approach - the first question is how can this (whatever functionality has been proposed) be achieved. That is to say: Devon IT is a 'can do' organisation. If the only solution is beyond the client's budget, Devon IT will readily consider and propose alternatives that will go as far as possible to meeting the requirements within the set budget.

"The results are always good and we are always proud to use the work of Devon IT to support the working of our web sites."

- Marten Gallagher - Proprietor

North Devon Theatres Trust

Web Programming and Information Retrieval.

"We required a simple system whereby performance details could be added, removed, changed for our online performance diary.

"Devon IT worked with our Web Master to produce a system that is easy to work with and most importantly for us, was readily expandable in the future. We were concerned that our budget was effectively used and that early investment could later be built upon. This requirement has been very well met by Devon IT.

"The functionality added to our web site by Devon IT has undoubtely contorbuted to our web site being ranked 11th out of 351 theatre web sites in the UK and Ireland for completeness, efficiency and speed.

"Working with Devon IT is very easy. Ideas are exchanged and commented upon in both directions in a constructive manner. This has resulted in a productive working relationship which is reflected in the results."

- NDTT Webmaster

Association of Teachers of Mathematics

Web Programming including e-commerce.

"Devon IT have produced a customised e-commerce system through which we market our resources for teachers, schools and other institutions.

"The feedback from users has been more than positive, with usability, clarity and speed being the most frequent items commented on as being of a high quality.

"Devon IT worked very effectively with our Web Editor and other relevant personnel to meet both the technical requirements and the aesthetic and operational strictures we placed upon the design.

"Devon IT were both efficient and flexible and sensitively raised issues for consideration in areas we had not originally given sufficient thought to. In this, Devon IT used great initiative and showed an understanding of the unique aspects of our work.

"We are now able to readily add and amend products with, most importantly, the facility to easily cross-link items freely and without complexity.

"Our previous 'off-the-shelf' system did not meet our needs but the system devised very economically by Devon IT is very efficient and effective."

- ATM Web Editor

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